4 Tips for Buying Jewelry As a Gift

There’s no gift quite like jewelry. Bold, elegant, timeless, and personal, any piece is sure to delight the person you’re buying for. However, browsing for the right ring or necklace can be an extremely overwhelming process, especially if you’ve never shopped for jewelry before.

Fortunately, there are plenty of tips out there for choosing the right piece of jewelry to give as a gift! Here are five ways to ensure that your gift will surprise your special someone in a good way:


Study Her Style

Every woman has her own style choices, and they’re not typically as subtle as you might fear. Focus on the type of jewelry she wears during any specific occasion. What style of jewelry does she wear during formal events? Does she wear anything on a daily basis? If so, how do those pieces complement her clothing? Does she prefer gold over silver? Yellow gold or rose gold? Does she prefer to wear larger accent pieces to complement her outfits, or are her tastes more subtle and modest?

Even if you know this person very well (which, considering you’re gifting her jewelry, you probably do), it couldn’t hurt to do a bit of this detective work a few weeks or months leading up to purchasing your gift. Seeing what she owns and what she likes is crucial in deciding what you should get for her.


Make It Personal

Jewelry is one of the most intimate gifts you can give someone, and you want to make sure that your piece stays relevant in your loved one’s collection. The best way to do this is to ensure that you’re buying a piece that compliments her not just on a physical level, but on a personal one, as well.

As tempting as it may be to buy a necklace or bracelet that’s part of a current trend, it’s important to consider if she enjoys trendy jewelry. Maybe she does, and the oft-advertised necklace is exactly what she’s been eyeing. That makes your job a lot easier!

However, some women prefer more timeless, classic pieces. Depending on her personality, style, and taste, that could range from a trendy-looking necklace to a vintage-style ring and everything in between! Which leads us to our next tip…


Why Are You Buying?

You know who you’re buying jewelry for, but why? Where do you picture her wearing this gift? Are you buying something she’ll only wear on dressier occasions, like weddings? Or are you buying a piece she’ll want to wear as part of her everyday ensemble?

This is a very important question that helps distinguish between the types of jewelry you’re browsing for. Pieces she would wear to work or out with friends isn’t always the same type of jewelry she would wear to a black tie event. Again, study the pieces she wears during these occasions and try to determine which type she would enjoy most.


Ask a Designer

When in doubt, designers are always there to help you! Their job is to help you find the perfect piece for your loved one, and they’re masters at transforming ideas into reality.

Tell them what you know about the person you’re looking to buy for: her sense of style, her metal and size preferences, whether she’s looking for an everyday piece or something more formal. From there, a designer will be able to work with your budget to even craft a completely unique piece for that special person in your life! Really, is there any gift better than a piece of beautiful jewelry created completely for you?


Expert Custom Jewelry Design in Frederick, MD

Jewelry can be a beautiful gift for any special someone in your life. If you still need help choosing (or creating) the perfect piece, the team at Gold Thumb Jewelry are ready to help you buy a gift anyone will treasure for years to come!

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