Pros and Cons of Invisible Ring Settings

If you’re in the market for wedding jewelry, you’ve probably seen plenty of rings with the classic prong setting. This is the style where metal prongs or bezels can be seen holding the diamond in place.

Less popular is the invisible ring setting. But what is this style, how does it work, and is it the better choice?

An invisible setting can create the perfect engagement ring for both men and women. Read on to discover what it is and if it’s worth it. 

What Is an Invisible Ring Setting?

Invisible set rings work by mounting the stone within the band so that no prongs are visible. The stones are held in place by a metal framework underneath, which fits into small grooves etched in the base of the diamonds. 

On the surface, the ring may look like it has a large, flat diamond that has been cut into shape. But in reality, these rings are often composed of a cluster of smaller diamonds placed side by side. 

Other styles include invisible settings in accent stones around the band. In other rings, the setting allows for geometric, vintage, or other unique designs. 

For men, the flat surface created by this setting creates a bit of sparkle that isn’t too flashy or feminine. 

Pros of an Invisible Ring Setting

Besides their obvious beauty, an invisible ring setting can be beneficial for many reasons. 

  • Based on the total carat weight that is used to price rings, they can be more affordable than traditional rings. This is because they use smaller diamonds. However, they are more difficult to make, so this extra labor might increase the price. It depends on the complexity of the style.
  • They are easier to clean because they feature fewer of those tiny, unreachable grooves where dirt and grime can collect.
  • They can create a unique, intricate look for both men and women. If you’re looking for a ring that is unlike anyone else’s, an invisible setting provides more flexibility in design. 

Cons of an Invisible Ring Setting

But of course, no option on the market is perfect. There are also various cons to this setting that a cautious buyer will need to consider.

  • With an invisible setting, there are fewer visible surfaces of the diamond, meaning it reflects less light. This can cause a less vibrant ring. So if you’re looking for a big flash, you might prefer a raised, spotlight diamond.
  • They are known to be difficult to resize and repair. The complex metalwork holding the diamonds can be easily damaged in these processes.
  • They can be less durable because the setting is not as secure as a ring with gripping prongs. For this reason, it’s so important to find your ring from a reputable jeweler. If you work with your hands a lot, you might want to avoid an invisible setting.

Choosing an engagement ring is a major decision and an even bigger investment. Ultimately, there are many pros and cons to an invisible setting. You’ll have to consider what priorities are most important to you when investigating a ring with an invisible setting. 

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