Proposal Now, Ring Later – What Is This Trend?

Proposal trends have changed a lot throughout history. From proposals that were akin to a business arrangement, to an intimate moment between two people in love, we’ve seen over-the top public displays (flash mobs, anyone?), and picture-perfect Instagram photo-ops.

More recently, there has been an increase in the use of placeholder rings, or even no ring at all during the engagement! While it may seem bizarre to some, there may actually be a benefit to this new trend.

What Is a Placeholder Ring?

A placeholder ring is exactly what it sounds like: A ring that temporarily takes the place of the real ring to be purchased later. 

This is different than a promise ring because the engagement is real, but the stone just might not be. It is a great option for cash-strapped couples that are eager to spend the rest of their lives together but just can’t come up with thousands of dollars for the perfect ring.

The most popular stone for a placeholder ring is a cubic zirconia because, at a glance, it can pass for the real thing. However, a placeholder can be a simple band, or contain another inexpensive, non-diamond stone.

With a placeholder, you can still take ring pictures to announce your engagement and show it off to excited friends and family, but choose a more permanent option when it is financially wise.

This is also a good option for someone that is not quite sure what style to get their partner, and does not want to drop all that money on something they won’t cherish forever. This way, the soon-to-be-bride can pick out exactly what they like.

Isn’t the Ring Kind of the Point?

In today’s economy, many couples are opting out of the engagement ring altogether during the proposal. Whether they would prefer to invest in the wedding rings or want to pick out the engagement ring together, more and more proposals are without a ring.

To Each Their Own

Every couple is different, and every proposal is different. While you may feel the pressure to meet some sort of societal standard, an engagement is about the two people making the commitment. 

It may be a private moment between the two of you, or a lavish affair with family and friends. Whether you have a placeholder ring, a giant diamond, or no ring at all, your proposal will be unique to you and your partner, and that is what makes it special.

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