Jewelry Gift Guide for Grads

The Class of 2020 had it rough this year. In these unprecedented times, they have had to work extra hard to finish their classes virtually, and may not get the chance to walk across the stage at their graduation ceremony.

While options for celebrating their amazing accomplishments are limited, you can still commemorate this special milestone with an exquisite and meaningful gift. Jewelry is a gift that will last a lifetime, and serve as a memory of their resilience in a time that seemed so uncertain.

Here is our list of jewelry gift ideas to honor the graduate in your life:

Class Rings

The time-honored way of memorializing a school career, class rings are infinitely customizable!

Start with your loved one’s birth stone, or a stone in a favorite color or school color, set in the metal of your choice. Then you can start adding one or more personal details, including:

  • Graduate’s name
  • School name
  • Year of graduation
  • Jersey number
  • Engraved symbols representing interests, clubs, sports, etc.

Those that are not interested in the chunkier style of the classic class ring will be happy to know there are many delicate, more subtle options that can be worn every day. See your local jeweler for information on available designs.

Charming Charms

A charm bracelet or necklace is a great personalized gift for a well-rounded graduate. Choose charms that symbolize different milestones during their school career, current interests, etc. It’s like a time capsule of who your loved one was at that stage in their life.

You can also make it extra special by having family members each pick a charm that they feel best represents the graduate or their relationship. What a sentimental keepsake to carry into the next phase of life!

State Jewelry

Is your grad going to another school out of state? 

A thin chain with their current state will serve as a beautiful reminder of home and the loving family and friends waiting for them there. Whether a charm in the shape of their home state, or a pendant with it engraved, this gift will make your loved one feel closer to home!

Personalized Pieces

Just about any piece of jewelry can be personalized! A locket with a special photo, a necklace with their name or initials, or a special engraved message just for them. Here are some engraving ideas:

  • “We love you!”
  • A favorite quote or song lyric
  • Class of 2020
  • An inside joke
  • Name (theirs alone, or the whole family!)

Classic or Smart Watch

If your graduate is moving on to higher education or the workforce, a watch will keep them on time for whatever commitments they may have!

For the business-minded graduate, a classic watch in a timeless style is a great gift. Customize it with engraving, inset stones, and different band options.

For the tech-savvy, a smart watch keeps them connected while on the go! They can send a quick text back home, keep track of their health, add events and homework to their calendar… all without pulling out their phone.

Custom Jewelry near Frederick, MD

However you decide to honor your graduate, let the professionals at Gold Thumb Jewelry Creations help!

Custom-designed jewelry is our specialty! It is a very personal, but quite simple process. Using computer animated design and manufacturing, we are able to illustrate your design in 3D so realistically that you will know exactly what you are getting.

The best part? All of our customizations are done in house! From design to final product, your custom piece is always handled by one of our own. Call today to set up your custom jewelry consult!

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