How to Protect Your Jewelry in the Summer

As the weather warms, you’re ready to hit the beach, the pool, and everything in between. The right jewelry can turn even a simple bathing suit into a look ready for the runway. But while you’re out enjoying the sun, your rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces could be at risk. Here are a few tips on how to protect your jewelry in the summertime. 

Sunscreen Safety

Sunscreen is necessary for anyone spending long amounts of time in the sun. Not only does it help you avoid a painful burn, but it can also protect you in the long run from cancer-causing UV rays. 

That being said, sunscreen can wreak havoc on your jewelry. Firstly, it can clump up in between chain links and within crevices, and this gunk is difficult to remove. Secondly, it can act as a lubricant on rings, making them easier to slip off when you’re not paying attention. 

Avoid applying sunscreen while you’re wearing important jewelry. If it’s unavoidable, remove the pieces and wait until the sunscreen is completely absorbed before you put them back on.

Chlorine Pools or Beach Water?

Swimming pools are disinfected with chlorine, a powerful chemical that kills bacteria. It’s also pretty harsh on metal and gems. Chlorine is a Halogen, an organic compound that degrades the alloys in your jewelry. Make sure you remove all pieces before entering a swimming pool

You might think that unchlorinated water, like a beach, would be better. However, saltwater and jewelry aren’t a great combination, either. The salinity of natural water sources can dull your jewelry and corrode the metal, reducing its shine and shortening its lifespan. 

Bug Spray

Whether you’re going for a hike or enjoying a late-night bonfire, bug spray is probably a major part of your summer plans. Avoiding bug bites is great, that greasy feeling that builds up on your skin also accumulates on the surface of your gemstones. Yuck!

Similar to chlorine and sunscreen, the chemicals present in bug spray can damage your favorite accessories. The build-up of the chemicals will dull all sparkle from your jewelry, and if it isn’t quickly cleaned, it can be extremely difficult to remove. To protect your jewelry, do not wear it while applying bug spray. 

Sun & Sand

Beach days are full of fun, sun, and sand. Unfortunately, the latter two can be hazardous to delicate pieces of jewelry. 

Bright sunlight and high temperatures can fade the natural hue of colored gemstones. If your gemstones were treated to achieve a bright color, the damage is even more prominent. 

Sand, on the other hand, is an abrasive material. Think about sandpaper or sandblasting. This seemingly harmless material can leave deep scratches in your precious jewelry. 

Beach Security

So, you might think your best option is to leave your jewelry on the shore while you’re taking a dip in the water. That will protect your favorite pieces from the natural elements, but what about the risk of theft?

Unfortunately, the beach is an extremely common place for thieves to lurk. If they see unattended phones, purses, and jewelry, they can make off without raising any suspicion. 

When you go swimming, always leave your expensive belongings under the care of someone you trust. If no one is available to watch the site, a locked car is the safest place for your belongings. 

Polish More, Worry Less

Even with all these tips in mind, no one is perfect. Mistakes happen, and during the summer, your jewelry is likely to be exposed to one risk or another. 

You can undo any effects of summertime damage by cleaning and polishing your jewelry regularly. This will be especially important after swimming, wearing sunscreen, or bug spray. 

Jewelry Repair & Cleaning in Frederick, MD

Even better, you can take your jewelry to a professional jeweler for a high-quality, deep cleaning. They can also repair any visible damage and remove accumulated coatings.

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