How to Choose a Statement Jewelry Piece for Every Outfit

Getting ready for work or a special occasion is more than just what outfit you’re going to wear or how you’ll style your hair that day. 

To help you look fully put-together, you need to finish your outfit off with some accessories. And sometimes, if you really want to be noticed, you elect to go with a piece of statement jewelry and some smaller complementary pieces to finish off your look.

If you’re new to choosing statement jewelry pieces, or you just want a refresher course, here’s how to choose a statement jewelry piece for every outfit and every occasion:

Choose Your Focal Point

What feature do you want to highlight that day? Do you want to draw attention to your ears, your neckline, or your hands? For the outfit you’ve picked, are there any areas that wouldn’t work well for a statement piece, such as a large bib necklace with a high-necked blouse?

Deciding where you want people’s eyes drawn is the first step in choosing your statement jewelry piece.

If you’d like to show off your new manicure, for example, opt for a cocktail ring. To highlight your fresh haircut, choose statement earrings.

Consider Your Outfit’s Style

What you’re wearing can determine the type of statement jewelry that will coordinate best.

Sleeveless dresses and tops, for example, work well with stacking bracelets. If you want to wear a choker or bib necklace, choose a scooped, neckline, off-the-shoulder, v-neck, or strapless blouse or dress.

These rules do have some exceptions, though. For example, crew necks and bib necklaces work well if your top is a neutral or block color on the top half. And cuff bracelets can look great over long sleeves, especially if they’re in contrasting, bold colors.

Remember Your Frame

Statement necklaces are great, gorgeous ways to draw people’s eyes toward your face, but bib necklaces aren’t going to work on all women.

These large, brightly colored necklaces can weigh your frame down if you’re shorter, leading to a less-than-dramatic effect. Instead, consider layering a couple of pendant necklaces together, or a snake or figaro chain layered with a longer necklace.

The lighter weight and design of layered pendant necklaces adds interest and draws attention without weighing you down.

Bold Bangles

When it comes to statement jewelry, many people lean too heavily on necklaces and earrings, leaving all the bright, beautiful options from bracelets on the table.

Mixing and matching bracelets is a great way to create visual interest and give personality to your outfit.

Try to keep the metals of each bracelet in similar tones so things don’t look too chaotic, so use all silver bracelets, or a mixture of yellow and rose gold bracelets. Opt for charm bracelets mixed in with bangles for a more eclectic look, and mix up the stones and decorative accents on each bracelet.

If you want to go with just one big statement bracelet, find a great cuff that compliments your outfit for a can’t-miss statement piece.

Don’t Forget the Ears

Earrings come in all shapes and sizes, and the type of statement earring you choose should coordinate with your hairstyle to avoid having too much going on.

If you want to select big, dangly earrings as your statement, opt for a simpler style such as wearing your hair down or in a simple half-updo. Or, if you want your hair to be more fancy, choose some sparkly stud earrings to complement the glam and draw more attention toward your hair.

Put a Ring on It

Cocktail rings are coming back into fashion, and with good reason! They’re a great way to make a statement without adding something on top of your outfit, and they’re perfect for drawing attention if you like to talk with your hands.

If you’re going to opt for a statement ring, make sure you’ve got either a fresh manicure or tidy nails and cuticles; you don’t want to draw all that attention for the wrong reason!

And while your nail polish and your ring don’t have to color match, just be sure they at least don’t clash!

Less Is More

This is one of the cardinal rules of fashion and design, and for good reason. Too much of a good thing can easily become a bad thing, overwhelming the eye and creating a chaotic effect to your outfit.

If you’re new to statement jewelry, consider choosing just one piece to wear.

For more experienced statement wearers who want to make an even bolder statement, there’s nothing wrong with pairing a bib necklace with a cuff, or a bold pair of earrings with a cocktail ring. Just be sure that whatever statement pieces you choose aren’t going to be in close proximity – so don’t wear a bib and bold earrings, or a cuff and cocktail ring together, for example.

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