Common Questions About Ring Sizing

Buying a wedding ring is a major financial decision. Since the goal is to wear this piece of jewelry every day for the rest of your life, you have to get it just right. 

The first step to finding the perfect ring is to determine your ring size. You need one that is perfectly snug. If it is too large, it can slip off and become lost. But if it is too small, it can hinder blood flow to the finger and make removal very uncomfortable.

Here are answers to all your questions about ring sizing.

What Are the Most Common Ring Sizes?

Rings come in sizes ranging from 4 to 14, increasing in half-sized increments. The sizing standard is the same between men and women, unlike shoes.

The average ring size for men is 10, and jewelers usually carry options between 9 and 12. Women tend to have smaller fingers, so their most common ring size is 6. Women’s rings are typically available in sizes 5 to 10.

If you find a ring you adore, but the store doesn’t have your size, ask the jeweler if custom resizing is available.

How Can I Measure My Ring Size?

The easiest and most accurate way to determine your ring size is to be measured by a professional jeweler. Then, they can recommend a size and material that is guaranteed to fit.

You can also use the string method and a sizing chart to do the measuring at home. First, wrap a string around the finger and mark where the string overlaps. Lay it flat next to a ruler and you’ll see the circumference of your finger in inches. Try to be as specific as possible, down to the closest quarter inch.  

Then, just look up a sizing chart and convert the inches to a number size.

How Can I Discreetly Find out Someone’s Ring Size?

It’s traditional to keep a proposal plan a secret, which means you may have to be discreet when shopping for an engagement ring. How can you find the ring size of your partner without outright asking them? 

An easy method is to borrow a ring from their jewelry box and take it to the jeweler. Just make sure it’s a ring that they wear on their fourth finger, as this will be a slightly different size than all other fingers. 

You can also try asking their family members or close friends if they know your partner’s ring size.

Do Ring Sizes Change Over Time?

There are many factors that determine the width of a person’s finger, including the weather, hydration levels, or even the time of day. 

Try to get a measurement in the most neutral conditions. If you’re not totally sure, go a size up. It’s easier to make rings smaller than it is to add material and make them larger.

Over time, the ring size might fluctuate more dramatically, especially if the person gains or loses a significant amount of weight. In these scenarios, a jeweler can give you a few options for resizing. 

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