3 Easy Steps for Choosing the Right Bracelet Size

Nothing is more annoying than buying a beautiful new bracelet and having it hang limply off your arm. And having a bracelet that is too tight and pinches is not fun, either. 

So how do you find this elusive “perfect” bracelet size? It’s easier than you might think. 

All you need is a flexible tape measurer, or a regular ruler, strip of paper, and writing utensil. 

Step 1: Measure

Measure your wrist using your tape measure and mark down the size in inches.

It is believed the most attractive area for a bracelet to rest is between the hand and wrist bone, so measure from that particular area. 

If you’re using a regular ruler, take a strip of paper or string, wrap it around your wrist, then mark where the two ends meet. Then, take your string or paper, and measure the length to your marking with your ruler. 

Step 2: Add

Take your wrist size and add .79 inches to it. 

This is considered the perfect comfort fit for a bracelet. 

Step 3: Size It up

If you want to skip the math, or know what selling size you’re closest to, check out our chart below.  Just find your tight wrist measurement and follow it across to find what size bracelet you should order!

Tight Wrist Measurement (Inches) Order Bracelet Length (Inches) Bracelet size
5.1-5.5 inches6 inchesChild 6-8 yrs
5.9 inches6.5 inchesTween 9-13 years
6.3 inches7 inchesWomen’s small
6.7 inches7.5 inchesWomen’s medium/ Men’s small
7.1 inches8 inchesWomen’s Large/ Men’s Medium
7.5 inches8.5 inchesWomen’s X-Large/ Men’s Medium
8.2-8.5 inches9 inchesWomen’s X-Large/ Men’s Large
9 inches9.5 inchesMen’s X-Large
8.5-9 inches9.5-10 inch AnkletWomen’s Adjustable Extension

If you’re between sizes, go with the size that is closest to what your ideal bracelet size is.

If you’re still torn, think about whether you want a tighter or looser fit. Typically, we recommend you try the smaller of the sizes to eliminate excessive dangling. 

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