7 Unique Gifts to Celebrate Your 1st Anniversary

Celebrating a wedding anniversary is always special, but there’s something about remembering your wedding on your 1st anniversary that feels extra momentous.

Traditionally, the 1st wedding anniversary has been considered the paper anniversary. Thankfully, there are lots of great options for creating a lasting memory of your first wedding anniversary without simply gifting your spouse a photo.

Here are 7 unique gifts for celebrating your first wedding anniversary:

Star Map

The night sky has a slightly different look each day, and thanks to custom star maps, you can get a print of the stars on the night of your wedding to remember forever.

Etsy seller Finch and Cotter takes the date of your wedding and location – such as where you were married – and prints a map of the stars that were shining above your wedding that exact date. Customize your print further my selecting the ink color, font, and title for a truly one-of-a-kind gift.

Travel Map

Do you and your spouse love to travel? A custom map to mark your journeys is a great display item!

This gorgeous antique-looking map comes with 100 black pushpins to help you track the places you’ve visited together and choose your next adventure.

Customize the map by adding your names and the date of your wedding for a piece of focal art that will get admired and used instead of ignored.

Origami Clock

Finding a gift for your 1st anniversary doesn’t have to fall into the usual print display item route.

Choosing an origami clock, you not only get a gorgeous gift that fits the “paper anniversary” theme but one that’s also functional every day.

Book Art

Folding old books into intricate designs has become a popular trend in the arts and crafts world. 

And when you purchase a custom folded book piece as a 1st anniversary gift, you can get both a unique display piece and timeless keepsake in one.

The artist takes a reclaimed book and folds the pages so that your wedding anniversary stands out in 3-D, perfect for setting on a bookshelf or side table to remind you daily of the vows you made.

Paper Cut Portrait

Hanging photos in your home is great, but if you’re into something a little more unique, try a paper cut portrait.

This beautiful art piece features a silhouette of you and your spouse, along with personalization’s such as your names and your wedding date. For a little more, you can customize the silhouette to feature your favorite wedding or engagement photo pose, too.

Custom Tie Clip

Does your spouse regularly wear ties or cufflinks? Why not get them a pair of custom cufflinks or a tie clip that features your wedding vows?

Display up to 15 words on each piece so your spouse can take your vows with them wherever they go and give them a unique statement piece to start office conversation.

Paper Flower Necklace

Nothing says jewelry has to include fancy colored gems (Though we think that’s the best kind of jewelry!).

If you want to gift your spouse with a new piece of jewelry but stick to the 1st anniversary paper tradition, try this unique paper necklace. No two pieces come out the same, so your spouse is sure to have a one-of-a-kind gift they’ll treasure for years to come.

Unique Anniversary Jewelry Gifts in Frederick, MD

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