7 Gift Ideas for New Moms

You’ve picked up a cute layette and teething toys for baby, but what about the new mother? She deserves some love too! After all, she did the hard work to bring this new life into the world!

Here are some gift ideas that are sure to make a new mom feel cared for:

Pampering Kit

While a spa gift certificate may seem like a great idea, a new mom may not feel comfortable leaving her newborn for quite some time. 

Instead, bring her a basket of sweet-smelling goodies for a day of pampering at home! Bath salts, body lotion, candles, and more in her favorite scent are sure to melt away the stress of motherhood.

Custom Birthstone Charm Bracelet

A charm bracelet is a great way to mark the occasion! 

Try a bangle in her favorite metal with a charm in the baby’s birthstone. Not only is it a sweet addition to the new mother’s jewelry box, but it leaves room to add charms for any future children.

Water Tracking Bottle

With all the new responsibilities a newborn brings, it is too easy for mom to put self-care on the backburner. However, self-care is more important now than ever!

Help a new mother stay adequately hydrated with a hydration tracking water bottle. The time stamps on the side help remind her to sip often throughout the day to keep her healthy.


Motherhood takes a lot of energy! With sleepless nights and busy days, meals for a new mom need to be grab and go. 

Make a basket full of protein-rich, healthy snacks to give her the fuel she needs to take care of her baby. Don’t forget a little chocolate for good measure. You might also consider a snack box subscription to keep her fed for months to come.

A Cozy Blanket

The constant up and down that comes with nighttime feedings doesn’t make it easy to get a good night’s rest. Make sure that, when mom can get a couple hours, she gets quality sleep.

A soft blanket is sure to keep her warm and cozy so she can make the most of the time before the next feeding. Weighted blankets are especially useful to help melt away any new-mom anxiety that may keep her up.

Cleaning Service

Babies need their mothers often throughout the day, making it difficult for a new mom to keep her house, and sanity, in order. Many women will not ask for help with their homes because they are either too embarrassed or feel as if they should be able to do it all. You can help ease that burden with a cleaning service. 

Whether you pay a professional or gather a few friends to commit to a rotating schedule for a few weeks (whatever she is most comfortable with), she will be grateful for the helping hand so she can focus on recuperating and bonding with her sweet bundle of joy.

Personalized Gold Bar Necklace

A light, no-fuss necklace is a perfect gift for a new mom who still wants to feel put together. 

A simple gold bar necklace is beautiful and fully customizable. Have the baby’s name engraved on the front and their birthdate on the back as a beautiful nod to this exciting milestone.

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