6 Tips for Choosing Anniversary Jewelry

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Anniversaries are special occasions that should be commemorated. 

Whether you and your spouse are celebrating your first, 10th, or 50th anniversary, a great go-to gift is a piece of jewelry. From rings to necklaces, watches to earrings, there are options for every taste and style.

If you’re stuck on choosing the perfect anniversary jewelry, follow these 6 tips to give you a head start:

Select Your Jewelry Type

The first step to choosing the perfect piece of anniversary jewelry is to select what type of jewelry you want to gift.

If your spouse doesn’t wear much jewelry but never leaves the house without their wedding ring, an anniversary band to compliment the wedding ring may be a great choice.

For those who wear necklaces on a daily basis, a pendant or string of pearls would be a nice gift. Tennis bracelets also are a classic choice, and can be customized with a variety of metals and stones.

A high-quality watch is also a stunning anniversary for either sex, and styles can range from delicate to rugged to suit anyone’s style.

Set Your Budget

While it’s hard to put a price on what your spouse means to you, going into your shopping with a ballpark figure of how much you want to spend can make shopping easier.

When you go into the jewelry store, tell the person helping you what type of jewelry you’re looking for and your general budget. This will narrow down the selections you’re shown.

Your budget isn’t going to determine the type of jewelry you’re able to purchase, as there’s something in nearly every price point, but it may limit the size or type of stone you’re able to purchase, or the metal you select.

Select Stones & Metals

Once you’ve gotten the jewelry type and your budget narrowed down, think about what type of stones and metal you’d like to include in the piece.

Does your spouse really love diamonds? Or do they like a little splash of color that you’d get from a ruby, emerald, sapphire, or other colored stone? Perhaps they don’t like stones at all and might prefer pearls or just metal.

Next, you need to decide what type of metal you’re looking for.

While yellow or white gold are traditional choices, gorgeous jewelry can be made out of all types of metals. Think about what metals are currently in your spouse’s jewelry box, as well as their typical style.

You don’t want to buy your spouse something in yellow gold, for example, if their entire jewelry style is white gold. 

Choose something that fits in with your spouse’s overall taste and style, but also that’s special enough for an anniversary.

Choose a Style

For this portion of the selection process, you may need to look through your spouse’s jewelry. If you don’t feel confident finding something that fits in, it can’t hurt to take a few pictures to show to the jeweler.

At this point, you’ll go into the jewelry store and start looking through what’s on offer to find something they’ll like.

The jeweler may ask you questions about what you’re envisioning for this gift, what your spouse’s other jewelry looks like, and what you can see your spouse wearing.

Don’t be afraid to get something a little bit different than what’s currently in their rotation, especially if you’re looking for a special-occasion piece, but don’t go so different that it’s hard to picture them wearing it.

Get Feedback

It can be helpful, especially if you don’t shop for jewelry often, to enlist a trusted friend or family member of your spouse.

This is someone who knows your spouse’s personal taste and style and who can help you figure out if that pendant is something they’ll wear or if it will just sit collecting dust.

Consider Designing

If you’ve got a great idea and some extra time, consider designing a special piece just for your anniversary.

You can work with a jewelry designer to select metals, stones, and designs that fit your vision. And if your spouse has a piece of heirloom jewelry, such as earrings that were worn at your wedding, consider incorporating them into your design.

Exquisite Jewelry for All Tastes

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