5 Ways to Upgrade Your Engagement Ring

Whether you’ve recently gotten a raise or you just want a change, upgrading your engagement ring is a great way to personalize this piece of jewelry to make it feel more “yours.” Here are some ways you can upgrade your engagement ring to give it a new look:

Add More Diamonds

From transforming a solitaire into a three-stone ring to adding small clusters of diamonds around the center stone, adding more diamonds is a great way to give things an extra sparkle.

If you’re considering this option, consider trading up for a three-stone ring on a milestone anniversary to symbolize your past, present, and future as a couple.

Give It Some Color

Nothing says customization than adding a splash of color to an otherwise single-tone ring. Maybe you want to add the birthstones of your children, or you just really like a particular color. Add one or a few stones, even in a variety of colors, to breathe new life into your engagement ring.

Swap Out Your Band

Adding new stones is a common way to upgrade your engagement ring, but it isn’t the only option.

If you’ve got a yellow or white gold band and wish you had a rose gold one, have a jeweler re-set your ring in a new band. This is also a great choice if your band is looking a little worn and could use a facelift in the same metal.

Increase Your Halo

Halo rings are a popular choice in engagement rings, but the circle of stones around the solitaire doesn’t mean you have no customization options.

Instead, adding a second circle or “halo” around your ring, even in different stone colors, can really make it stand out.

Change the Setting

Whether your engagement ring is an heirloom that doesn’t suit your needs or your tastes have just changed, having your original stone(s) re-set into a new setting is a great upgrade option.

When you do this, you can even swap out band metals and add or subtract stones to give you something totally new and beautiful.

Engagement Rings and Upgrades in Frederick, MD

If you’re looking for an engagement ring upgrade – or want to buy a new engagement ringGold Thumb Jewelry can help. Our team can help you select or design the right ring for your needs. Call today for a quote!

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