4 Things to Know Before Creating Custom Jewelry

Maybe you have a unique style that isn’t satisfied with jewelry you’ve seen in stores. Or perhaps you’ve got a family heirloom that you want to give new life as a different piece of jewelry.

Whatever your reasons for choosing to design a piece of custom jewelry, here are 4 things you need to know before beginning the process:

Choose a Professional

Not every jewelry store has designers with the right experience to competently create custom jewelry. And, if you’re shopping around on Etsy or other craft-sales websites, your chances of finding a professional are even lower.

Rather than going with the first person you contact, or someone who quotes you a great price, the key to getting a piece of custom jewelry that will last is to work with a professional.

Take some time to research custom jewelry designers and ask them about their experience and expertise. Ask for references of customers they’ve designed for before, and contact these people about their experiences. 

Understand Why You’re Going Custom

Custom jewelry has a wealth of benefits, including:

  • You can design a piece that’s a reflection of your personal style and individuality.
  • Your piece will focus on your unique interests and preferences.
  • No one else will have your piece, as it was designed just for you.

Before you hop directly into the designing phase, think about why you want a custom piece. This may help you and the designer work together better, making the process go more smoothly.

Know the Trade-offs

Choosing to create a custom piece of jewelry certainly has its benefits, but there are some drawbacks:

  • You may pay more than you would for a similar piece off the shelf. This is largely going to depend on how elaborate your design is, the materials you use, and how different it is from other, more traditional designs.
  • It will take time to create your custom piece, sometimes up to 12 months. If you’ve got a specific timeline when you need your custom piece by (such as an upcoming proposal), get started on the design process as soon as possible.
  • You’ll need to meet with the jeweler several times during the course of the design and production process.
  • Your piece won’t be completely ready to see, feel, try on, or inspect until it’s done.

Understand the Process

The custom jewelry design process can vary from one designer to the next, but it typically follows a common pattern.

  • You’ll begin by meeting with your chosen custom designer. This initial meeting will include a discussion of your wants and needs, and a rough sketch of your vision.
  • The designer will draft up an initial design, sending it to you for your input.
  • Depending on how many changes you have to the design, you and the jeweler may repeat the drafting and adjustment process several times until you’re happy with the sketch.
  • The jeweler will then begin crafting your piece, keeping you apprised of how things are going along the way. Depending on the jeweler, you may be able to see or get photos of the piece as it’s being crafted.
  • You will be able to see and inspect the finished piece once it’s done. If there are any adjustments that need to be made to the design, the jeweler will make them (these may cost extra, so be sure this is spelled out in your agreement with your jeweler before you commission them to take on the project).

Custom Jewelry Design in Frederick, MD

From engagement rings to heirloom necklaces, the team at Gold Thumb Jewelry loves creating custom-designed jewelry to meet your needs. Our skilled craftsmen can help bring your vision to life. Contact us today for a consultation!

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